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Your Vote Makes a Difference PDF Print E-mail



Be Inspired by our Speakers and Pass the Inspiration on!

Your Vote Makes a Difference


Tuesday, October 21
6 p.m. Pizza & Social 6:30 p.m. Program

Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers, 5200 85th Avenue N

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david schultz office photoDavid Schultz - Author and Professor of

Political Science at Hamline University

Why It's so Important to Vote and the Consequences of Not Voting

David Schultz teaches classes in American politics, public policy and administration, and ethics. Professor Schultz has authored 28 books, including his two most recent, Election Law and Democratic Theory (2014) and American Politics in the Age of Ignorance (2013).  A Fulbright scholar who has taught extensively in Europe, Schultz is the winner of the national 2013 Leslie Whittington Excellence in Public Affairs Teaching Award.  He is a favorite speaker at forums in the  west metro suburbs, who has shared his expertise and wisdom for many years.



bobby joe championjim abeler at capitol

Senator Bobby Joe Champion


Jim Abler

Former MN Representative


Just What Do Legislators Do?



Winning an election is just the beginning.  Two popular Minnesota legislators will give us insight on just what the MN Senate and House do and how the legislature's decisions  affect our lives.  Senator Bobby Joe Champion served for four years in the MN House and has been in the MN Senate for 2 years.  He is an attorney and award winning choir director.  Jim Abeler was a MN Representative for 16 years and is a chiropracter.

Senator Champion and former Representative Abeler will explain the committee process a bill goes through before it comes to the floor to be voted on in the Senate or House.  They will discuss why the two branches of the Legislature don't always both vote on a bill or pass a bill and what happens to it then.  They will also describe how the MN Senate and MN House reconcile their two different versions of a bill and what is involved in the negotiation that takes place between the Legislature and the Governor.



Please invite your friends. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you to our sponsors, Think Again MN, the Brooklyn Park Diversity Team, and the Brooklyn Park, Oseeo, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Park Chapter of the League of Women Voters, and to our recorder and broadcaster, Tmz Radio International.



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Voter ID Laws Discourage Voting PDF Print E-mail


voter id laws discourage voting

                                                                                                                    Bernie Sanders Graphic


A recent study by the General Accounting Office revealed that turnout was at least 1.9 percent lower in 2012 in Kansas vs 2008 and 2.2 percentage point lower in Tennesee  as a result of implemented Voter ID laws.  That means 34,000 Kansans and 88,000 Tennesseans likely would have voted if the new laws weren't in place.  Young people, black people, and newly registered people were the groups that saw the biggest drop in turnout.







Career and Technical Education - AA Degree PDF Print E-mail


Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Partnership with Public Schools


Tuesday, October 28, Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Mount Zion Temple

1300 Summit Avenue, St. Paul

achievement gap logoKristine Snyder, Dean of Academic Foundations for Minneapolis Community & Technical College, will discuss the new partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools to offer Minneapolis public school students greater access to career and technical education that can lead to receiving an associate of arts degree at high school graduation or very soon thereafter.


Mount Zion Temple has a beautiful space for us to meet with ample off-street parking in their own lot across the street to the east, right behind Kowalski's Market.

Coffee and water will be provided. Feel free to bring a brown bag.  Attendance is free.

Sponsored by the Achievement Gap Committee.

Co-Covenors:  Grant Abbott and Don Fraser





Opportunities for Transitioning to a New Economic Model - Westside Progressives PDF Print E-mail


From a Carbon Economy of Scarcity to

A Sustainable Economy of Shared Equity


Tuesday, October - October 28

6 p.m. Doors Open            6:15 p.m. Dinner,           6:45 p.m.  Program


2705 Annapolis Lane N, Plymouth


chris hansonChris Hanson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, The Databank

Chris Hanson will explain how can we effect systemic change that will shift the U.S. from a carbon based economy of scarcity to a growing, sustainable economy of shared equity.  The discussion will look at some of the origins of our current economic system and what opportunities exist to transition to a new model.


Chris has over 30 years of experience in fundraising and direct marketing, with the last 20 years focused on developing database management and communications technology for nonprofit and political organizations. Prior to co-founding thedatabank, inc. he was Managing Director for Direct Expressions, Inc., founded Response Group, Inc. and was a co-founder of Sanus Systems, Inc.

In addition to his expertise in the use of technology for fundraising and direct marketing, Chris has been an adjunct professor in marketing and has written and presented extensively on entrepreneurship and small business development. He’s currently on the President of MetroIBA and is a strong proponent of the important role that small businesses play in the social and economic well-being of our local communities.




The Westside Progressives, a nonpartisan educational dinner meeting for progressive-thinkers, meets on the fourth Tuesday each month at the Plymouth Kelly Inn (Hwy 55/494). Get the $10 pizza/salad buffet dinner or order from the Green Mill and bring your dinner to the forum room.  You can order ahead and pick up your own meal:  763-553-9000 or online:


Please RSVP to Kelly Guncheon at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it He will assume you would like the pizza/salad buffet if you don't specify that you will order a dinner yourself from the Green Mill.


For more information, please visit us on Facebook:





Why Worry about ALEC? - Stone Arch Discussion Group PDF Print E-mail


Saturday, November 8

Gardens of Salonica
19 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN‎


This month we hear from Dee Voss, a local expert on the conservative ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council.  Dee Voss gives talks on the impact of the American Legislative Exhchange Council in which she covers the impact of ALEC on many aspects of state and federal law. By the end of her talk, you will know why you need to be worried about ALEC.

As usual, invite anyone interested--free and open to the public. Come, buy your coffee (the law is you can't bring food or drinks into a restaurant), learn a lot and have your questions ready.





NY Times Calls for Rate Cap on Payday Loans PDF Print E-mail


The New York Times called for a rate cap on payday loans.  ". . .  the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that hidden fees and charges on payday loans were so high that only 15 percent of borrowers could raise the money to repay the total debt on time without quickly borrowing again."  See the New York Times editorial.





Payday Lending Power Point from Senator Hayden PDF Print E-mail


jeff haydenSenator Jeff Hayden was not able to attend our last forum on "Low Cost Alternatives to Payday Lending."  He sent the Power Point which he had prepared for his presentation. 


You can download it at:







Resources for Managing Your Money PDF Print E-mail


Make Your Dreams Come True

Control Your Money, Debt, and Credit



You can manage your money so you don't need to incur the huge costs of payday loans.  Yes, going to a payday lender to cash a check or take out a loan is easy, and the people who serve you are often friendly.  However, that friendly assuring manner comes with a big cost.  You will typically be required to pay back three times as much as you borrowed.  You can find out how to manage your money so that you can keep more for yourself and your family by taking advantage of workshops offered in and near Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center as well as online courses.




financial planning couple 2Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin offers workshops on budgeting, controlling your debt, and maintaining a good credit rating, as well as on the rights and responsibilities of renters, home ownership, and financial management for senior citizens.  You can find the upcoming courses by clicking on the homebuyer, renter, and financial literacy courses in the left hand column of their website:

TopLine Credit Union offers a variety of seminars related to youth financial literacy, paying less for college, survival budgeting, getting out of debt, retirement, insurance, homebuying, and business. You can find them at:


Online Education


financial planning couple

TCF Bank has an online Financial Education Center.  It offers modules that include an summary of what is included in the learning module, the instructions on the topic, and a brief quiz to check if you understood the lesson. Each module you complete is checked off. Eight lessons are currently included at the TCF Bank Education Center: Savings and Investments, Mortgages, Overdrafts, Payment Types and Credit Cards, Credit Scores and Reports, Identity Protection, Insurance and Taxes, and Financing Higher Education.  You will need to check in with a password which you enter the first time you use the Center.  Get started at:

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin has online instruction for home buying at:





Planning for Development around the Bottineau Light Rail Stations PDF Print E-mail


planning for bottineau lrt development tab - may 20 2014

               The crowd listening to Janna King  discuss strategies to help facilitate 

          economic development along the light rail transit corridors.  The Think

          Again Brooklyns forum May 20, 2014 aimed to prepare residents of

          communities along the Bottineau LRT corridor for participating in work-

          shops for planning development in the areas surrounding the LRT



          One of the big questions during the Question and Answer  session was

          who pays for the transit system.  The project is estimated to cost about

          $1 billion. Funding is expected from the Counties Transit Improvement

          Boards' transit sales tax in the metro area (30 percent), the Hennepin

          County Regional Railroad Authority (10 percent), the State of Minnesota

          (10 percent), and the Federal Transit Administration (50 percent).                                                     

                                                                               Photo by Linda Freemon






Notables at Think Again Brooklyns Forum "Reducing Racial Disparities," 4/15/14 PDF Print E-mail


carol lefleur elizabeth knight hassanen mohammed chris eaton reva chamblis at reducing racial disparities 41514 

Carol LeFleur from MICAH; Elizabeth Knight, Brooklyn Park City Council Member;

Hassanen Mohammed, Chair, Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commission;

Senator Chris Eaton; Reva Chamblis, Brooklyn Park Human Rights Commissioner

Photo by Mayor Jeff Lunde






Homeless Youth Shelter to be Built in Brooklyn Park PDF Print E-mail


Jenny Gaard, Homeless Liason for the Osseo School System, reported to the packed Think Again Brooklyns audience at Brooklyn Park City Hall March 18 that the Osseo System had over 500 homeless youth in 2012.   Karrie Schaaf, her counterpart in the Anoka-Hennepin School System, reported over 700 homeless students.  As many rachel moreystudents do not report that they are homeless, these are likely to be underestimates.  Rev. Rachel Morey, Pastor of Mosaic United Methodist Church, emphasized that these are good kids in a difficult situation and that it is important that we reach them quickly because the average homeless young person is approached by a sex trafficker within 48 hours of being on the streets.

Mayor Jeff Lunde announced that Brooklyn Park had committed to homeless youth audience members

building or remodeling an existing building as a shelter for 10 to 12 homeless youth.  It would serve about 35 homeless youth, 16 to 21 years old, a year as most youth are able to transition to another setting such as a host family or a shared apartment.  Mayor Lunde said that the city would rent the building to Avenues for Homeless Youth for $1.00 a year, and the nonprofit organization would manage it.  Terry Velasquez, Development Director for Avenues for Homeless Youth, estimated that the operating cost of the shelter would be about $600,000 a year, and about half of the money had been raised so far from individuals and foundations.  The shelter is expected to open in the summer of 2015.


Christiaan Tarbox, Community Editor of the Brooklyn Center Sun Post wrote an excellent report on the forum, "Homeless Youth in the NW Suburbs."  It includes details related by Rev. Morey on the daily struggles of homeless youth and services provided by churches, nonprofits, schools, and the city.  You can read the report in your city's March 27 SunPost paper or online at:





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