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Global Success Requires Fair Immigration and Trade Policies - Think Again Brooklyns Print E-mail


The Opportunity Presented by Ending DACA

Creating Immigration and Trade Policies that

Meet International Human Rights Standards



Tuesday, September 19

6:00 p.m. - Pizza Buffet and Social               6:30 p.m. - Program



Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers

5200 85th Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN


Please RSVP on Facebook or to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The topics of our September forum are aspects of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement that need to be renegotiated, the situations of immigrants in MN who could become subject to deportation, and how we'd like our immigrants treated in Minnesota. Under the original NAFTA, industrial agricultural corporations were able to sell crops that had U.S. government subsidies below the cost of production. This impoverished farmers in Mexico, who did not have subsidies and could not match the industrial agriculture price with their home grown products leading over two million Mexican farmers to migrate to the U.S. in search of jobs that would enable them to send money home to support their families.



stevesuppanThe Impact of Trade Agreements on Immigration


Dr. Steve Suppan - Senior Policy Analyst

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)


Dr. Suppan will explain the history and provisions of the original NAFTA, the serious problems it caused, and what needs to be changed in the Renegotiated NAFTA to protect workers and farmers.  Dr. Steve Suppan has been a policy analyst at IATP since 1994. Much of his work involves explaining U.S. agriculture, trade, and food safety policy to foreign governments and nongovernmental organizations, especially farmer organizations. This work has taken him to about 35 countries, most recently Costa Rica, South Africa and Mexico. IATP is part of a thriving community of analysts, farmers, organizers, and activists who fight tirelessly to make public policy more fair and just. 



wayne doeDACA and DED Immigrants on Departure Extensions

 Wayne Doe - MN Department of Human Services, HCEO

Think Again MN Board Member


Wayne Doe will tell us about the large number of young people on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and about immigrants from Liberia that have been given Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) due to expire in March 2018 as well as DACA extensions for living in the United States.   He will explain what that means for their current lives and plans for the future.  Wayne Doe is an experienced leader, business coach, organizational strategist and planner, and immigrant community specialist. He currently works in Health Care Eligibility and Access operations at the MN Department of Human Services.  Wayne approaches management and leadership by creating an inclusive environment through diversity. 




The Big Gap between International Human Rights and U.S. Immigration Policy

Who Gets to Take Care of the Families of Deported Immigrants? You Do!


Carol Woehrer - Program Director, Think Again MN


carol woehrerCarol Woehrer will discuss the big difference between principles in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Immigration Law of 1996 currently enforced.   She will also give an estimate of the potential cost of helping deported immigrants' families.  Carol has taught philosophy, ethics, logic, and social gerontology, coordinated an education program for licensure of long term care administrators, and worked on research on how values are passed on in three generation German and Irish Catholic families. 



Come with your ideas on what you think would be best for Minnesota and how we can attain that.


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State and National Landscapes for Politics and Governance Print E-mail


westside progressives banner



Tuesday, September 19

     6 p.m. - Doors Open                           6:15 p.m. - Dinner                        6:45 to 8 p.m. - Program 

Church of the Epiphany, 4900 Nathan Lane N, Plymouth

(1 block west of Highway 169 on the South Side of Schmidt Lake Road)



State and National Landscapes for Politics and Governance


With David Schultz - Professor in the Hamline University Department of Political Science



david schultz office photoProfessor David Schultz teaches classes in American politics, public policy and administration, and ethics.  Professor Schultz has authored more than 25 books, including his most recent, American Politics in the Age of Ignorance.  Professor Schultz is the winner of the national 2013 Leslie A. Whittington Excellence in Teaching Award.



Westside Progressives, an educational forum that encourages civil and thoughtful discussion about progressive issues, meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church of the Epiphany, located at Schmidt Lake Road and Nathan Lane in Plymouth. $10 lasagna/salad dinner. 6 p.m. doors open, 6:15 dinner, 6:45-8:00 pm program. Free attendance if no dinner required.





Host:  Kelly Guncheon, CFP®, ChFC®, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 952-449-4467


For more information, please visit us on Facebook:






Improving Water Quality 25% by 2025 Print E-mail


25 by 25


A Town Hall Meeting of Residents in West Metro to Get

Their Ideas on Improving Water Quality 25% by 2025


Presented by


conservation minnesota logoMaple Grove Library, Main Meeting Room

8001 Main Street N, Maple Grove, MN


Monday, September 25

6:30 p.m. Social        7 - 8:30 p.m. - Program


 RSVP on Facebook or to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Welcome - Katie Rodriguez - Metropolitan Council Member, District 1

Discussion Leader - John Anderson, CMN West Metro Regional Manager



Water is a part of what makes Minnesota, well, Minnesota. Join us for a discussion of local water health and help us gather ideas on how to improve our waters.



From Governor Dayton:


In the land of 10,000 lakes, clean water should be a right, not a privilege. But the reality is that the quality of our lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater is threatened from many sources all across our state. We are at a crucial moment – we can continue to let water quality become worse or we can work together to reverse the damage that has been done and prevent future water degradation. . . It will take all of us working together to protect our waters for ourselves and future generations.



25 by 25 - how we use water




Contact West Metro Regional Manager John Anderson with questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 612-767-1571.





   Thank You to Our Partners


            met council tamn lwvwayz plym lwvbpomg








Childhood Hunger and Barriers to Education - Stone Arch Print E-mail


erin maye quade


Representative Erin Maye Quade


Saturday, October 14          8:30 - 10 a.m.


Wilde Roast Cafe

65 SE Main Street, Minneapolis



Erin Maye Quade is the Representative for 57A, Apple Valley.  From Women in Government:  It was during her time working with the Congressman Ellison that Erin Maye Quade decided to run for office herself. When attending a Sheridan Story program, an organization that provides weekend meals for students who would otherwise not have access to food, Rep. Maye Quade was astounded to see that childhood hunger went up 380% in her elementary school and no one was talking about it. After lamenting to Congressman Ellison about this, he asked her when she was going to run for office – something she had not considered before.

Addressing childhood hunger continues to be one of Rep. Maye Quade’s top priorities in office. She aims to provide schools with the necessary resources to properly and efficiently address the various issues children go to school with. “We have to stop putting all of our issues in our schools and then wondering why our teachers can’t handle all of it,” when we don’t provide them with the tools to address them. Other issues high on her list include smart gun violence prevention measures, women’s health and choice, transparency and accessibility in government, and especially removing systemic barriers to ensure “equal access to the Minnesota Dream.”


As usual, invite anyone interested--free and open to the public. Come, buy your coffee (the law is you can't bring food or drinks into a restaurant), learn a lot and have your questions ready.







 Reports and Videos for Think Again MN Forums


and Related Articles


The Beginnings, Rapid Progress, and Next Big Strides in MN Clean Energy Print E-mail



A Broad Overview of Clean Energy in MN

With J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director at Fresh Energy



j. drake hamiltonJ. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director at Fresh Energy, gave a review of MN's beginning legislation and rapid progress in developing clean energy to already almost reach goals set for 2025.   At the NW Climate Action forum on May 25th at the Maple Grove Library, J. also gave a preview of the coming energy revolution involving the electrification of transportation, industry, and heating.  If you missed this excellent forum, be sure to get a preview of the coming energy revolution by taking a look at Carol Woehrer's notes capturing the main points of J. Hamilton's presentation.





Equity in the Cities Print E-mail


Photos by Wayne Doe - Feeling inspired at Think Again Brooklyns Forum "Equity in the Cities" with presenters Wokie Freeman - Assistant City Manager, City of Brooklyn Park and Joy Marsh Stephens - Equity and Inclusion Manager, City of Minneapolis at the City of Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers on May 16, 2017.


wokie freeman and joy marsh stephens at equity in the cities tab 51617   wokie freeman at podium equity in cities tab 51617

                              Wokie Freeman and Joy Marsh Stephens Answer-              Wokie Freeman Presenting on Equity
                              ing Audience Questions                                                         in Employment, Policies, & Programs
                                                                                                                             in Brooklyn Park


racial equity action plan at equity in cities 51617


joy marsh stephens addressing audience at equity in the cities tab 51617

                                                       Joy Marsh Stephens Speaking on Minneapolis Staff's Training in Equity





"Undocumented" is not a state one chooses. Print E-mail




julissa arceJulissa Arce worked her way up to become the vice president at Goldman Sachs by age 27 while being an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. When she gives lectures at colleges and universities, people often ask, "Why don't "illegals" get in the back of the line, and do it the right way?"  She notes that "the line" is a mythical place that distracts from the need for immigration reform.  Most undocumented immigrants cannot complete an application, go through a process, or pay a fine to start the process of becoming U.S. citizens.  Read Arce's CNBC article:  "Here's the myth about being an undocumented immigrant that drives me crazy."






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MN's Leading Election System

With Secretary of State Steve Simon


steve simon


Listen to Secretary of State Steve Simon's excellent presentation on MN's outstanding election system emulated by many other states at the Think Again Brooklyns forum January 19, 2016.  Secretary Simon includes ways in which it can be improved, and he explains why it is important to vote.  He concludes with a quote from a tee shirt:  "Failure to vote is not an act of rebellion.  It is an act of surrender."

Get details on how to vote at

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How Oregon Became the Easiest Place to Vote in the US

By Lornet Turnbull
YES! Magazine
October 8, 2016


In January, Oregon became the first state in the country to begin automatically registering eligible citizens to vote when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses or state IDs, completely shifting the burden of voter registration from the individual to the government. 

Read the Article

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