States' Wind Energy Potential Print

The following map from "The Missing Peace in the Clean Energy Transformation" by John Farrell at the Institute for Local Self Reliance shows the rich abundance of wind energy in the midwest.  Listed are the percents of current electricity usage.  North Dakota has a much higher percent than MN mainly because it has a much smaller population, about 647,000 in comparison to MN's 5,300,000 so its current electricity usage is much smaller.  The map does not take into account which parts of the states are available for wind turbines.  Wind turbines do not take up a lot of space.  Farming and grazing of animals can continue around the space taken up by the turbines.  However turbines are not practical in urban areas because of limited space and because the blades cast long rotating shadows.  They are also not desirable in recreational areas like national and state parks.



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