ALEC's Connection in MN Print


State Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer is ALEC’s state chairman for Minnesota. She authored the photo ID bill that passed the MN House and Senate last year, but was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton as well as the referendum to be placed on the ballot in November. 15 GOP sponsors of Minnesota’s photo ID amendment are ALEC members, according to a report by Take Action Minnesota:  "The 1% versus Democracy."

As Minnesota’s former Secretary of State, Kiffmeyer is known for attempting to pass rules that would prevent certain people from voting.  During her tenure, she issued a number of rules that would have disenfranchised voters had courts not ruled against them. In 2004, Kiffmeyer ruled that voters were required to have a valid ID that “exactly matched” the information on her registered voter rolls. Two years later, she ruled on Election Day that college students could not use utility bills to prove their residence when voting. She also tried to ban tribal identification cards used by Native Americans unless the voter could prove they were residents on their tribe’s reservation.  Courts overturned all of Rep. Kiffmeyer’s rulings.