The Effect of Deportation on Business Activity and Tax Revenue

An Example: Brooklyn Park, MN

How might widespread deportation of unauthorized immigrants affect business activity and tax revenue in Brooklyn Park?

bruce p. corrie

Dr. Bruce P. Corrie's study of the political power of Asian, African, and Latino immigrants1 shows that immigrants in Senate District 40, which covers most of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center, had the 4th largest income for immigrants In Minnesota, $867 million for 2012 to 2014. Many Latino immigrants are unauthorized, many Liberian immigrants have Deferred Enforced Departure visas, and many college students brought to the U.S. without authorization have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals  visas that will expire in March 2019.  Thus, Brooklyn Park is a community that could experience severe economic disruption due to deportation of immigrants by ICE. This would include a substantial decline in employees in our area, including many in professions requiring an advanced education; a decline in retail businesses' income as the number of families living in poverty grows; and a decline in property, income, and business tax revenue.


1.  Bruce P. Corrie, PhD.  “ALANA Political Power:  Strong Growth in House and Senate Districts 2012-2014:  $30 Billion ALANA Economy Calls for Greater Political Representation!”  Chai.News,, February 26, 2016.