Minnesota's Energy Future

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Keeping Energy Dollars in Minnesota

From the Minnesota's Energy Future Forum on September 27, 2011

It was an exciting evening at the Bloomington Civic Center as Lynn Hinkle and John Farrell described how MN's transition to clean energy could contribute to the prosperty of Minnesotans. They told us clean energy could be an enormous jobs engine. It could also bring the $20 billion our state spends annually on fossil fuels back to MN in the coming decades and grow MN's manufacturing base for solar panels and wind turbine components. "We're talking about accomplishing something truly remarkable," stated John Farrell. Following them, long term energy justice activist George Crocker told us that winning those benefits for our communities would require community organizing.

keeping energy dollars in mn 9-27-11



1 hour 5 minutes:  presentations; 25 minutes: Q and A

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Moderator - John Doll, Former MN Senator        

and Vice-Chair, Senate Energy Committee

lynn hinkle mn energy future 92711Lynn Hinkle - Policy Development Director, 
Minnesota Solar Industries Association

The Green-Blue Alliance: Solar Energy and Labor Issues in Relation to Clean Energy Development

"Renewable energy is an enormous jobs engine for our state."  Hear about the public policies that can create those jobs.

john farrell mn energy future 92711John Farrell - Director, 
Energy Self Reliant States and Communities Program, Institute for Local Self Reliance

How Distributed Wind Development Can Grow Jobs and Contribute to Economic Development in Minnesota

"Minnesota has a tremendous potential for getting electricity from renewable resources, but an even larger potential in terms of what the economic opportunity could be."

george crocker mn energy future 92711George Crocker - Executive Director, North American Water Office

The Importance of Community Organizing for Developing Distributed Renewable Energy

"Until enough people figure out how to actively pursue their interest,  their community's interest, in securing the benefits that John and Lynn talked about . . .  the power of organized capital will prevail.  Organized people can beat organized capital every time that the people are organized.  The problem is that they're not."

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Prefer a summary?  Brian Hanninen, Think Again MN Board Member, wrote a summary of the forum below.