January 11 Stone Arch with Senator Kari Dziedzic

We welcome Senator Kari Dziedzic at our Stone Arch Discussion January 11th at 8:30 AM for a Legislative preview. The Senator serves on Taxes, Public Safety and Housing Finance Committees. Join us Saturday morning for a conversation about what is possible, what a bonding bill might look like and what Minneapolis could use. Get in line early at Wilde Cafe for your coffee so that we can conven at 8:30 in the morning sharp. Given the new year stick around after 10 and catch up with events of the past month.

Get ready in the coming months as well. Februar we host our local County Commissioner Irene Fernando, and in March Minneapolis Budget Director Micah Intermill. We'll have lots of time to check up on Minnesota and how we're doing.

See you Saturday the 11th.

Stone Arch Discussion